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Top 5 Python Learning Platforms for Beginners

Are you looking for a good platform to learn Python from A to Z? You've come to the right place! In this article, I'll tell you which the best ones are. If you are ready to get on the programming train, I'll show you where to buy the tickets. And it's in business class!

The world is full of technology. Wherever we go, we are faced with some code, whether or not we are conscious of it. Do you pay by card when you go to the store? You are dealing with a code-based payment system built by the hands of developers. And if you pay in cash, your transaction is still recorded in a database. It becomes one of the many thousands of records in a data analysis.

There are plenty of such trivial examples. Even in the least expected places, we come into contact with devices that do not function without programmers. There is little doubt programming is the profession of the future.

Find out how to get started in programming. The best choice is to start with Python. It’s one of the most desired languages among employers.

What Is Python, and Why Should You Start Learning Now?

Python is a programming language with a wide range of uses. It's used to build websites. It's great for data scientists, often the core of machine learning.

It’s also one of the easiest programming languages. Python is constantly being developed, and you can find many libraries and tools on the web that improve your comfort level in coding.

The world has been a little unpredictable lately, right? Our environment is very dynamic, and professional work is no exception.

Perhaps you are among those affected by the COVID crisis. In that (and any other) case, start learning Python immediately. Come on, you can find a few free moments! And if you think you are too old for changes, you’re wrong, buddy! Here’s why.

There are many arguments for taking a Python course. The following especially appealed to me.

Flexibility and Professional Stability

Taking a Python course is a good plan for the future. You may use programming in your current job, or you may switch industries entirely. If you're thinking of starting or changing your career path, programming is one of the best choices possible.

If you play it well, you not only get great income but also stability and opportunities for remote work. The IT industry continues to flourish, and Python specialists are worth their weight in gold to employers. With Python in your portfolio of competencies, you gain professional stability and a guarantee you always find a job. Even when the whole world works from home.

Ease of Getting Started

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Learning Python from the right source is quick; you see the initial results right away. Within just a week, you can develop your first functional solutions. You can learn it yourself or use dedicated Python platforms created and supported by professionals. You always win either way.

If you’re wondering if coding is for you, you can find out easily. Our Learn Programming with Python course takes you through your first coding experience. It is easier to plan the learning process when you see with your own eyes it’s not that difficult.

A Good Method Is Key When Learning Python

The main difference between self-learning from multiple sources and using a dedicated Python platform is efficiency. You don't want to waste your time searching the Internet for reliable guides. The truth is, it is never a guarantee a source you come across won’t misguide you and teach you bad habits.

Top 5 Python Learning Platforms for Beginners


For that reason, it’s very important to learn from experts and proven sources. And you don't have to spend your life savings on it. There are numerous mature communities of developers at your disposal. You find answers to almost every question you could ask on Stack Overflow. Social media groups and developer forums are also useful for learning Python.

When I think about my mistakes and the hours I spent watching weird tutorials on YouTube or reading articles on random websites, I come to one conclusion. I lost time. Plenty of time. Now that my experience has made me smarter, I recommend taking a Python course on a proven e-learning platform.

Choosing the Right Python Platform

You can choose from several great platforms that give you proven and up-to-date knowledge. Learning Python from scratch is a challenge, and knowledge from a good source bears fruit. By taking a Python course, you learn to code without making common errors. You learn to make your code clear, understandable, and easy to improve.

A good Python course on a good e-learning platform is, first and foremost, convenient. You have access to it wherever you are. You can learn Python in bed, on the go, or on vacation. All you need is a computer and Internet access.

Python platforms I’ve found for you are interactive and eye-friendly. You’ll easily navigate through the thematic blocks and the tasks explained in the greatest detail. In my opinion, however, the most important feature of Python platforms is clear development paths and tasks prepared by practitioners.

And which platform is the best for you? You make the decision. Check below to see which is the best one for you, and choose wisely!

Top Rated E-Learning Python Platforms

Let’s take a look at the e-learning platforms with the best user feedback. I’m sure you've heard of at least a few of these. When users are vocal with positive feedback about something, it’s usually put together well. One thing is for sure: these are proven sources of knowledge. Courses from these platforms help you learn Python at a truly professional level.


If you have already chosen the career path for which you want to develop yourself, Codecademy helps you acquire the desired skills for your new job. You can choose from courses dedicated to specific specializations, from web development to cybersecurity. You can choose from a plethora of programming languages: Java, SQL, PHP, HTML, Python, and more.

Top 5 Python Learning Platforms for Beginners

Here, you have access to paid courses and tutorials in one place. You also find articles, learning aids, and discussion forums. Some of the contents are available for free.

Codecademy courses are made for all skill levels. The price for an individual user is $19.99 per month, billed yearly. You get unlimited access to the practice. Note: they have a special program for students!


This platform is dedicated to those who want to improve the skills of their teams. It offers thousands of courses in many areas. IT experts vouch for the quality and content of these courses.

Top 5 Python Learning Platforms for Beginners

What distinguishes Pluralsight from others is its focus on professional and talent development in employee teams. The Python courses available on Pluralsight are categorized by topic and area of application. They are organized into thematic blocks dedicated to individual career paths.

There is also an option for individual users. For the price of $29 per month, you gain access to the core courses, assessments, and paths provided by the platform. If you want full access to the entire course library, you need to be prepared for a cost of $45 per month. Before you make up your mind, you can take the free trial!


Besides being a great e-learning platform, Skillshare is also a community. It’s a unique place, perfect for people who like to learn from others. If you appreciate the knowledge shared by the teacher, this is the place for you.

The greatest value of this platform is the opportunity to learn new skills from real, experienced people. You learn from videos prepared by experts whom you can actually contact!

Skillshare is a gold mine of practical, quality Python courses.

Top 5 Python Learning Platforms for Beginners

By purchasing the premium version, you get unlimited access to classes on many topics. In addition, you bypass advertising and support teachers, and you can contribute to the community. You get your first Skillshare experience for free in the trial version. The full version costs $15 a month or $99 a year.


This is where it all started. Sooner or later, you'll hit the official Python website.

You find authoritative information about this language. You download Python, find documentation, and learn about what's new, all here.

The links from Google lead to here. If you try to google while learning, the Python wiki is on the first page of search results.

Top 5 Python Learning Platforms for Beginners

It's a treasure trove of Python knowledge. On the website, you find clear guides that help you get started on your programming journey. I recommend you read the Beginners Guide, which shows you how easy and fast it is to learn Python. And they have an open discussion forum where you find answers to many problems. All of this for free!


And we're home. By using our Python platform, you gain access to an entire spectrum of courses on various topics and levels of advancement. You can learn Python wherever you want. It is put together clearly; it is fun! courses have been prepared by programming experts and academic lecturers. These are practical sets of exercises dedicated to people both new to the subject and those already initiated. Everyone finds something suitable; you choose the learning path based on how you want to develop yourself.

Top 5 Python Learning Platforms for Beginners

You have Data Processing, Data Science, Python Programming, and many other tracks to choose from. You can check each of the courses yourself before purchasing access; free interactive coding tracks are available to help make your decision.

Now that you know what your best options are, all you need to do is consider what exactly you need and choose the one that best meets that. We suggest immodestly that at, you can learn Python from scratch, practice, and evaluate your achievements!

Your Career Takes off With Python Courses

Now that you know how to get started, all you have to do is go from reading to action and start learning Python. You have nothing to be afraid of. The number of new things to learn may be overwhelming, but the prospect of personal development is very promising.

Remember you secure yourself for the future by investing in your competencies. IT is certainly not going anywhere any time soon. The number of job openings in this sector is increasing day by day. The sooner you start learning, the faster you advance your programming career.

If you start today, you will see the initial impact of learning Python in just a month. Before you become a powerful programming wizard, prepare for hours of study. Python is a great start that opens hundreds of professional opportunities.