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Free Python Course Will Help You Find Out If Programming Is For You

Have you heard about software engineers making half a million US dollars annually? Do you want to learn to program but do not know if you are cut out for it? Our free Python course can help you find out if programming is for you.

But first, let's define programming.

Programming is the action of providing a set of instructions to the computer to make it perform a task. A pre-defined set of instructions is called an algorithm. Algorithms allow us to control the machine and make it perform as intended fully.

At a broader level, algorithms are everywhere around us. For example, when you follow a recipe to bake your favorite dessert, you follow an algorithm; when you solve a puzzle, you also follow an algorithm; when you look for your lost keys, without knowing it, you follow an algorithm.

Solving a mathematical operation by hand, you also follow an algorithm. Computers are very powerful but without proper instructions they cannot do anything themselves. Therefore, we need to use algorithms to force them to behave in a way that will be helpful to us.

In the world of computing, algorithms are written with the help of a programming language. A programming language allows humans to communicate with the machine. Among all these programming languages, one, in particular, tends to stand out because it is easy to learn, widely used in research and production settings, as well as non-software-engineering fields such as data analytics and data science, you guess it: Python.

But wait! What is Python?

Python is a programming language created by Guido van Rossum in 1989 because he wanted to keep himself busy during Christmas. If you are interested in Python history, you can have a byte here.

One of Python's main benefits is its easy syntax and wide range of available libraries. It makes Python an excellent choice as a first programming language, and you might find the zen of Python along the way! And because learning Python is a too good opportunity to let it slip, we put together a free Python course for you!

Free Python Course: What's Inside

If you do not know where to start, or maybe you are wondering if programming is for you, now is the time to find out! To help you, we made our Python basics part. 1 available for free, so you can start learning the most popular programming language risk-free and without breaking a sweat!

Free Python Course

Upon registration, you will get access to 10 hours of interactive learning across 95 interactive exercises. You will learn how to write your first Python programs, give instructions based on conditions, and write code that automates the iteration process. You will also learn how to write functions and make your code look more reusable and professional.

You can enroll here for free.

Why Join A Free Python Course

Ok! We just talked about our free Python course, but you still wonder why you should join. I get it! In fact, it begs a broader question: Why should you learn Python in 2022?

For a start, I would say that there are a ton of potential careers with attractive salaries in Python and depending on your initial background or where you see yourself 5 or 10 years down the road. Python can help you achieve it! Learning Python is also the chance to work remotely and get an instant 15% increase in your hourly salary by leaving the commuting time off your workday. In this case, you will need to set your Python home office.

I personally work with Python daily as a computer vision engineer working on solving the autonomous driving problem. Python is also used extensively in web development, cybersecurity, or cloud development. Python is also one of the languages of choice for data analytics and data science. As a colleague told me, "whatever comes to your mind, you can find a way to do it with Python".

And even if your work or your career is not related to programming, you can automate mundane tasks and save time with Python!

Another example, let's say that you are an investor but do not want to spend time looking for opportunities; automate it with a Python bot. Are you looking for the best deals to plan your next holidays? Automate it with Python.

Free Python Course

Want to find something fun to do during your weekend? Build a robot or a home sensor with Python. And if after all this, you are still looking for more ideas? Read on!

But wait, Python is so widely used, after all. Isn't it too late to join the game? You ask yourself, "if everybody is learning Python, how would I stand out?" It should not be your worry because the current market is so hungry for developers that engineering schools and universities cannot absorb the demand. Also, if you have experience from a different career, you can transfer skills and be more attractive to employers. It might also pave the road to tech entrepreneurship. And at a business level, Python changes the way we operate, which leads to an increase in needs for Python at the business level that will not stop anytime soon!

Do you think that you are too old? Think again!

How to Join The Free Python Course

The next step is joining our free Python course and learning to rip the benefits of infinite return. You only have to join the course here and create a free account on to start learning. Thanks to our online IDE, you do not have to install or set up anything; you can start learning directly in your browser!

What will happen next is up to you. In the best-case scenario, you will fall in love with Python programming, and like Jakub, you will be hungry for more!

You will be wondering, but now, what?! The most logical step would be to continue learning and complete the Python basics track here.

And if you did not like it, you still would have learned something and become more acquainted with the programming logic, a valuable skill transferable into other areas of life. Talking about risk-reward ratio, let me know if you can find a better deal!

If you are looking for more tips for learning Python, feel free to have a look here!

Closing Thoughts on Our Free Python Course

If, like Jakub and all of us at, you got the virus after a byte of Python, you might want to relax in front of a Python-related movie!

Remember this: You have nothing to lose! But programming is hard. You will have to put in the hard work, but you will be rewarded at the end of the day! And if you are still not convinced of the potential you can unlock by learning programming, feel free to read this article. I can guarantee that you will get an infinite return by enrolling and completing the course, so create an account for free and complete the free Python course. What are you waiting for?

See you on the other side!