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Why Your Company Needs to Learn Python to Grow

Are you trying to expand your business? What if I told you programming helps you with that? Check how learning Python helps you spread your wings and conquer the market.

If you’re trying to grow your business, learning Python is a good first step. Python is a programming language with a wide range of applications in many different industries. It is usually the language of choice among those who want to take a step forward in programming or software development.

If you've never had anything to do with IT, I suggest you start with our Python Basics track. This is a set of three online Python courses to get you started in writing code and thinking like a programmer. Learn the basics and incorporate Python into your skillset.

Let’s take a look back at its birth to discover what makes it a widely accepted language. When Guido van Rossum created Python in 1991, his goal was to create a programming language that is:

  • Easy and intuitive yet just as powerful as major competitors.
  • Open source, so anyone may contribute to its development.
  • As understandable as plain English.
  • Suitable for everyday tasks, allowing for short development times.

These are the key factors in Python’s popularity and success. Having an easy and intuitive syntax attracts novice programmers because it expedites the learning process. Being suitable for everyday tasks makes it a general-purpose language.

Python is not only for very complicated programming tasks but also for ordinary ones. For instance, you may use it to increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

Being open source plays a critical role in Python’s dominance as well. It is supported by a large and active community. I’m quite sure you will find the answer to whatever question you have while learning and using Python. This leads to short development times because you don’t spend long hours solving issues.

Python has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. According to the Stack Overflow Survey 2021, it was ranked the third most commonly used programming language.

Its great features make it an appealing choice for big companies as well. Being an easy-to-learn language does not put Python behind its major competitors. It is just as powerful as other programming languages.

That’s the main reason why Python is preferred by numerous companies from startups to large corporations. For instance, it’s a favorite of these tech giants:

  • Python is recognized as an official language at Google.
  • YouTube is largely written in Python.
  • Netflix, IBM, NASA, Pixar, Facebook, and Spotify use Python in their operations.
  • Python is also used at Pinterest and Instagram.

These companies choose Python for a reason. It provides them with quick development and easy maintenance, boosting the productivity of their developers and engineers. Here is a detailed article about the organizations around the world that use Python.

What we have discussed up to this point demonstrates what makes Python a great programming language. However, you don’t learn something just because it is great. You need it to be useful for your business.

To be worth your time and effort, Python needs to give you something in return. Your goal may be increasing productivity, supporting business decisions, automating a process, and so on.

Let’s discuss helpful applications of Python for business.

Automate the Boring Stuff

There are tedious and time-consuming tasks in most businesses. They are not fun, but they need to be done. It may be filling out a spreadsheet or sending a daily email to team members.

One option is to dedicate a person to doing these tasks. But Python offers a better one. You can use it to automate everyday tasks.

There are two advantages here. First, the people responsible for these tasks can now use their time more productively. Second, you eliminate the risk of making mistakes. When doing repetitive and boring tasks, people tend to lose their attention which may result in errors.

hy Your Company Needs to Learn Python to Grow

From a more general perspective, automating such simple tasks may improve the operational performance of an entire team or department. Things get done super quick with scripts. Furthermore, because teams are not dependent on a specific person, there are no delays in follow-up tasks.

Python may also be used to create custom reports. Reports are ubiquitous in business, and they are often prepared manually by employees.

A typical workflow of preparing a report includes collecting data from different sources, cleaning and doing calculations, and reformatting for clear understanding. Although these are not very complicated, they take time. You can write a Python script that does these tasks to prepare your report. It can even email the report to those who need it.

Learn more about Python use cases in this article on how Python improves your day-to-day work.

Discover the Potential of Data

Data is of crucial importance for any business. Used wisely, it improves your business and helps you make informed decisions. Although data carries lots of insights, you do not discover them just by looking at it.

You need to use tools to analyze data and extract insights. Python has libraries to help you make the most of the data at hand. With these libraries, the process of cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing data is simple and easy.

What Python offers in the data science ecosystem goes far beyond data analysis. Your business may have more specific ways to turn data into business value.

Let’s say you own a chain of retail stores. For any retail business, keeping your inventory at the optimum level is of vital importance. If you lack inventory, you lose sales and, potentially, customers. On the other hand, if you have excess inventory, you waste money and space.

To optimize inventory, you can create an accurate and reliable forecasting system. Such a system can be created with machine learning, and Python has the most widely used machine learning libraries.

Another area for applying machine learning is managing the relationship with your customers, your biggest asset. Businesses spend money on direct and indirect marketing to gain new customers, and it is important to look for new customers. However, you also need to keep an eye on the existing ones to prevent losing them. If you can predict customer churn, you can be proactive in taking actions to keep customers who are about to leave you.

hy Your Company Needs to Learn Python to Grow

There are many other cases in which data turns into business value. More and more businesses invest in data science to benefit from data. Python, being the most widely used programming language in data science, helps grow and improve your business.

How to Learn Python

We have discussed why your organization needs Python. We have also discussed the benefits of Python for business. The next step is to learn Python.

There are different methods for learning a programming language. They include reading books, watching YouTube videos, taking online courses, etc. Although each method has pros and cons, the most efficient way to learn Python is through interactive courses.

What you need the most when learning Python, or any other programming language, is practicing. You may understand how a particular task is done by reading a book or watching a tutorial. However, practice takes your understanding a step further so that you actually learn. Hands-on experience is the best learning method, especially in programming. This is exactly what an interactive online course offers. has several interactive online courses that offer an active engagement experience. You practice while learning thanks to its interactive console. Another advantage of is that the online courses are organized in a very specific way to make it a smooth learning experience.

You can start with the Learn Programming with Python track. It introduces you to the fundamentals of programming, so you do not need to have any prior experience with IT. This track consists of 5 fully interactive Python courses, carefully organized and presented for beginners.

We have mentioned the importance of data science and how it helps enhance your business. The Python for Data Science track is a great place to start the data science journey at your organization. There are also courses focused on specific tasks. If you deal with lots of Excel files in your organization, How to Read and Write Excel Files in Python is a great course for you.

Python is a general-purpose programming language with lots of application areas. It is supported by an active community of developers. From automating everyday tasks to implementing machine learning models, Python offers a great deal of value to boost your business.

By now, I think How to Start Your Adventure with Programming is clear to you. The only question waiting for your answer is when!