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The Best YouTube Channels for Learning Python

Learning Python can be fun. You want to plan your learning path efficiently so you can enjoy developing your skills. How do you do that? One important factor is to use diverse sources of information. Online courses, with help and inspiration from vlogs and YouTube tutorials, can make a difference.


In this article, I present a list of the best YouTube channels for Python beginners. They are all popular and worth a follow. But before we go there, let’s talk first in general about why you want to learn Python online.

Why Learn Python Online

Learning online is very simple today. There are a lot of good, reliable sources of information to choose from. You pick what you want to learn, and a list of online courses shows up with one click.

Choosing what suits you best is not so simple though. You need to know how much time you can spend on learning and what your goal is. If you are serious about learning, it is good to pick one learning platform specialized in the area of your interest.

If you are about to take your first steps in programming, for example, with Python, check out training paths like those on This is a special place dedicated to helping you learn Python successfully. There, you find a wide range of interactive courses for different levels of experience.

One of the best things about courses like Python Basics is that you learn by doing. Programming is all about writing code, and practicing makes your progress faster. In each course, you have exercises to complete with immediate feedback to show what you do well and where you need more practice. If you are stuck, you can use hints to help you move forward.

Taking a learning track on lets you check your progress. It is easy to plan your time for learning because you know how long each lesson is. You can always go back to modules you feel like you need to repeat or discuss your problem with a community of learners in a forum.

Learning online also lets you incorporate many different resources. A learning platform gives you a strong foundation, but it is good to supplement with other learning methods. You can compare approaches and take a break with video tutorials. It is a way to maintain a high level of engagement and make learning more entertaining.

YouTube Channels you Need to Subscribe to

So, which YouTube channels do you need to check out? Here is our list of the best Python YouTube channels where you find useful and valuable content. They are in no particular order; we want you to choose your favorites.

1. freeCodeCamp

This is one of the most popular channels among programmers with almost 5 million subscribers. Quincy Larson created it in 2014 so that aspiring programmers would have open and free access to coding knowledge.

There is a wide range of Python tutorials on the freeCodeCamp channel. You can start with a great series of Python-for-beginners tutorials. More advanced users can find a lot of interesting content as well. If you already have some experience with Python, you can check out the videos on different tasks like data analysis and deep learning.

There are video tutorials about other programming languages besides Python. FreeCodeCamp also has content on mathematics, computer science, data science, and many more. Most videos are really long and prepared as full-length online courses. As an example, there is a 23-hour video on how to code a 2D game in Java.

2. Programming with Mosh

This YouTube channel has over 2.2 million subscribers. I think one reason for its popularity is that Mosh speaks to his viewers in a very simple, clear, funny, and interesting manner.

He shows how you can develop IT skills on your own and why it is worth a try. Mosh shares his story from his time in college when he was forced to digest a lot of useless information. You find only the necessary content on his channel.

In his Python-for-beginners video, Mosh guides beginners step by step toward full knowledge of coding in Python. You also find playlists about Java, Node, and front-end and back-end development. In addition to the tutorials, Mosh has prepared a series of vlogs where he answers beginners’ questions or helps prepare for a job interview.

Everyone finds something suitable and helpful here with its wide range of content.

3. TechWorld with Nana

And now, a bit of girl power! Nina’s YouTube channel now has over 400,000 subscribers. Her tutorials are nicely prepared with visually attractive small animations.

If you want to start learning Python, you can do that with her “Zero to Hero” series. It is a 5-hour full course, starting from the basics up to more advanced content.

On Nana’s channel, you can also find videos that teach web development and programming languages other than Python. Along with many interesting tutorials, there are full, long courses as well as short videos. They include, for example, explaining what JavaScript is or how a website works.

4. Anaconda, Inc.

Anaconda is the most popular data science platform for Python. As they say on their website, “it was built by data scientists, for data scientists.” Their YouTube channel videos are about data science broadly.

You can learn Python among many topics. There is a selection of lectures about Python for data science and machine learning.

If you have just started your journey with Python, this is probably not the best place for you. Anaconda has interesting content on how to use this language in data-driven projects but at intermediate and advanced levels.

5. Clever Programmer

Qazi, the creator of this channel, has the talent to make videos filled with information and programming stories yet presented in accessible language. There is a lot of valuable content: tutorials, exercises, and courses. This channel is really worth your subscription.

If you are a beginner in the programming world, here you find everything you need to make your learning path easier and pleasant. Clever Programmer answers basic yet important questions like where you can use Python, how to find a job requiring Python skills, and what you need to start learning.

Videos are uploaded weekly. In addition to the tutorials, you can join a live meeting with Qazi and ask him your burning questions directly.

6. thenewboston

Another YouTube channel with a huge community of over 2 million subscribers. This is one of the best sources of information for beginners. If you are just starting to learn Python, go to the tutorial playlist about Python programming to start expanding your knowledge.

The channel also helps you learn other programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and more. One of thenewboston’s interesting latest series is a playlist with videos about blockchain with some intriguing ideas to build a community around the channel.

7. Traversy Media

Another popular, entertaining, and reliable channel for learning Python and developing your skills. It has very good content for Python beginners.

After opening the playlist with the crash course, you get the basic knowledge to help you start learning. These tutorials guide you through topics that allow you to start programming. What’s even nicer, you can build your first small Python project after each crash course video.

Like other channels for programmers, here you find other programming languages and a lot of useful tips.

8. PyData

Now something a bit different from other YouTube channels. PyData is an educational program developed by the American nonprofit organization NumFOCUS that cooperates with local user communities around the world.

It is a place for data science and Python enthusiasts. The PyData program organizes events for people who want to learn and develop in Python programming. During these meetings, people can gather, exchange experience, discuss problems and projects, and develop best practices.

On the PyData channel, you can follow their activities, learn from lectures, and maybe sign up to join them at their next in-person meeting.

9. Derek Banas

Derek has accumulated over a million subscribers with his charismatic style. This is another interesting channel, full of clearly described topics.

Python beginners will feel very welcome here. Derek has prepared a lot of content so that you can learn the basics in one session. Besides Python, you can find other programming languages, machine learning, statistics, data science, algebra, and many more, all explained in an accessible manner.

If you want to try something different, you may also be interested in watching how to make video games or even taking part in a live stream of Derek playing Resident Evil.

10. CS Dojo

YK Sugishita, the founder of the CS Dojo channel, has prepared YouTube Python tutorials for absolute beginners. If you want to start learning Python or if you are at the intermediate level, this may be one of the best places for support on your way to becoming a programmer.

His introductory videos are clear and concise. YK explains the basics without too much detail that can confuse viewers.

In addition to the Python tutorials, here you find a lot of tips and solutions YK uses himself. This channel helps any programmer improve his/her programming skills. There is also a question-and-answer session for those who are ready to apply for a coding job.

If you are thinking about building something on your own, you may be interested in the tutorial series “Building a real startup with Python and JavaScript.”

11. Learn at Knowstar

While not yet as popular as some of the previous YouTube channels, Learn at Knowstar deserves a place on this list. There, you will find Python for Data tutorials that are taught in a practical, task-oriented manner.

This channel is a good resource for data specialists. It offers comprehensive tutorials focusing not only on Python, but also SQL, Data Modeling, Power BI, Tableau, and more. Each tutorial is meticulously crafted, guiding users through the process of solving real-world data challenges, using these diverse tools.

Moreover, this channel addresses both foundational concepts and more advanced topics, ensuring that learners at different stages of their journey can find content that suits their needs.

Learning Python: Get Inspired and Take Action!

As you can see, there are many YouTube channels with tutorials for learning Python. This is only a partial list of the best channels for Python beginners and enthusiasts. We hope you find something interesting, helpful, and inspiring for learning to program.

If you are still unsure if learning Python is for you, read some articles to clear up your doubts. Maybe you think it is too late for you to learn. With such an overwhelming number of resources, maybe you are a bit lost and don’t know how to start. Or maybe you have already started learning Python but you need more exercises.

Keep in mind that asking questions and searching for more information is a good start to becoming a programmer. If you know of other inspiring and useful YouTube Python tutorials, don’t hesitate to share them with us in a comment!