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Where to Find a Python Job

Are you learning to program in Python? Then you're already winning, but the ultimate victory will be finding a new job that uses your new skills. Easier said than done? I’ve prepared a list of websites where you can find lots of Python job postings.

There are many interesting places where you can find Python job openings. However, I chose the most popular ones because they draw the most employers and headhunters.

Before hunting for a new job, remember to prepare a good CV/resume and a portfolio. Your portfolio can include a collection of your projects on GitHub or links to your applications or websites. When you write your CV, imagine that you’re looking for a Python developer. What would you want to see on someone’s resume? Tailor your skills and experiences accordingly, but keep it honest! Exaggerating or lying won’t help.

Ok, now that the groundwork is done, let’s start the Python job search.

Websites That Post Python Jobs

1. LinkedIn


This is one of the best tools for employees and employers. This social networking site is often referred to as "Facebook for professionals". It’s a great place to start your job search.

Almost everyone who matters in the IT industry has a LinkedIn page or profile. (Vertabelo is there too. Follow us to stay up to date with our news and product offers.)

LinkedIn was established in 2003. Since then, it has gained over half a billion users from over 200 countries. It has been translated into many languages, so many people can use it freely.

What can LinkedIn do for your job search? First of all, you can use it to create a profile, which is like a virtual CV. Highlight your professional experience, education, skills, and certificates.

You can also find friends and colleagues and create a network of professional connections on LinkedIn. Future employers will be able to see who you previously worked with; you can also get recommendations on your skills from others, too. Or you can participate in industry discussions and develop your personal brand. Remember, though, that your posts and comments will almost certainly be seen by potential recruiters.

LinkedIn lets you set alerts about new job offers in fields that interest you. You can also inform potential employers that you are actively looking for a Python job, but be sure to have a well-prepared profile first.

2. Monster


Another great job site is It is a global platform where you can post a CV, search job openings, compare earnings for given positions and in a given city, and read reviews about companies before you apply to them. This will help you in the negotiation process.

When you enter the word "Python" in the Monster search engine and choose the location "USA", you will get over 32,000 results. From junior Python developers to full-stack Python engineers, there are quite a few jobs to choose from.

This platform also offers some pretty useful tips for creating an effective resume and portfolio. You can also find career advice on their blog. It's definitely worth adding to your favorites and visiting often.

3. Indeed

Indeed is big on job hunting – it’s the most visited site of its kind in the United States. It’s called a job aggregator; companies directly post job offers, but the platform itself also collects advertisements from other places on the web (e.g. recruiting agency job boards, private companies, professional associations, etc.). Indeed is available in 60 countries and  since 2010 it has helped millions of people get jobs.

Indeed has a good job search engine on this site where you can filter and sort results and set specific preferences. Do you want to work on a B2B contract? No problem – just check the box and you will get results that only include this niche.

It’s a good idea to compare salaries and honest opinions about companies. Opinions are given by persons who have worked with or for the company, so they are generally quite reliable. Do you want to work for a certain company? Find out if there is an annoying boss there or if they have good coffee. For me, this is one of the most important factors in finding a good job.


If you are looking for a good, worldwide job board, I recommend The platform currently operates in 71 countries. What makes it different?

First of all, the simplicity of use. You will find a large search engine here, but there are no unnecessary distractions, which I admit sometimes annoy me on this type of website.

While writing this article, I entered 'Python developer' in the search box. I got over 400,000 offers. You have to admit there is plenty to choose from.

The platform works as an aggregator that collects job ads from thousands of job boards, corporate and recruiter pages, and newspapers.

The platform is available in 24 languages. This means that if you are looking to work with Python in a specific region of the world, you will find something right here. Want to be a Python developer in France or Germany? No problem!

Jooble is popular, about a million registered users use the platform daily: a good place to be if you really want to find a new job.

5. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

If you've ever searched the internet for programming advice, I bet you've come across Stack It is a treasure trove for both beginners and senior developers, who use the site to share knowledge and experience. You will definitely need it when working with code, so add it to your browser favorites.

While Stack Overflow is not designed for job seekers, it does contain job offers and many people get new jobs in this way. It's worth checking out.

6. Upwork


What if you don’t want to be associated with only one company and you are looking for freelance Python jobs? I have something for you: Upwork! I use it myself sometimes, so I can recommend it.

Upwork currently has about 12 million registered users and over five million registered customers. More than three million jobs are posted each year, making Upwork the largest freelance platform in the world. The numbers do not lie. And starting a new project is easy; you don't have to worry about documents, contracts, or tax settlements, etc. The platform does all that for you.

You can register on Upwork as a Python freelancer and look for job offers. You can also browse the profiles of the highest-paid Python freelancers and get inspiration from them. See what they’ve been working on, what’s in their portfolio, their skills, and what you need to improve in your CV. Take an example from those who have achieved a lot and you’ll be closer to achieving success yourself.

Remember to Network!

Python Jobs

Finally, one more tip. Sometimes it's a good idea to turn off your laptop and meet people. Go to an industry conference, take part in a discussion at your local university, meet new people, and make contacts. You never know which one of them may translate into a job offer.

Are you just starting to program? You might want to consider asking more advanced developers if you could apply for an internship or apprenticeship. These types of activities almost always end with positive results, and you may get job offers from them. What's more, you will learn a lot!

Have a Successful Python Job Search

Now you know where to start looking for Python jobs. Of course, there are many options out there. Keep trying, don't give up, and keep learning new things.

If you are just starting your adventure with Python or have never even written a line of code, I recommend the Python Basics course. Do you want more than just the fundamentals? Here is Learn Programming with Python track; in addition to the basics, you will also learn about data structures and built-in algorithms in Python. Don't hesitate; these are really great interactive online Python courses. Start learning today!