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Best Python Blogs to Follow

Python has been among the most popular programming languages for many years. Learning and developing your Python skills is an investment that is sure to pay off. Let’s focus on Python blogs, a noteworthy resource for your learning.

The popularity of Python in recent years has spun up many Python blogs. The language has many advantages even outside of its obvious attractiveness for professional development. It is a beginner-friendly language, with a simple syntax just like plain English that is easy to understand. It is an open-source tool, available for everyone to use as well as contribute to its development.

Python is also highly versatile. You can use it in areas such as AI and machine learning, web development, data analytics, game development, finance, and marketing, among others. It is also now one of the most common languages used by data scientists.

As a Python developer, you have great growth opportunities. You can expect to earn a good salary. These things cannot be overlooked! If you are still not sure if Python is worth your effort, read more about why learning Python is a good thing for your career here.

Try something new if you feel it is time for a change. The best way to start learning is with a comprehensive online course. Take advantage of a special offer and learn Python Basics for free! This course helps you take your first steps with Python. With a lot of exercises and practical examples, you learn quickly while having fun.

Besides online courses, it is always a good idea to deepen your knowledge with a variety of resources. This includes blogs. So, here is a list of the best Python blogs to follow.


Best Python Blogs to Follow is a gold mine of resources about the Python language. First, there is a wide range of online interactive courses. Those new to Python can take their first steps with the Python Basics track with tons of Python-for-beginners exercises, hints, and support from the community of learners. More advanced learners find a lot of content for developing skills in specific areas.

Courses and learning tracks are just one part of The other part is the Python Library, a blog with hundreds of articles. If you are looking for inspiration and reliable information, this is the place for you. Here, you get to know what Python is, why you want to learn it, and how to build a career with Python in your tool belt.

More advanced Python users find specific information and solutions to many different problems. How to loop over multiple lists or how to run Python scripts in Windows are just a few examples. Many articles explain how Python works, show the difference between Python and other programming languages, and explain how to work with databases.

Beginners can count on a lot of content that helps them learn Python faster and more effectively. Advanced users find technical, detailed best practices.

2.  Planet Python

Best Python Blogs to Follow

This Python blog is also among the most-read blogs with rich content. New posts appear often, so you find fresh information every day. Articles are gathered from many different blogs, but they are not collected randomly. They are selected very carefully so you receive reliable content. On the left-hand side of the website is a collection of links curated by the author to other blogs, authors, and general topics.

Planet Python is perfect for you if you are struggling with some programming challenges. There are in-depth tutorials that explain solutions to many problems. As an example, in a recent article from this blog about reading a CSV file, you see step by step: reading a CSV file, skipping the header row, mapping CSV headers to columns, reading tab-delimited data files, and using csv.reader or csv.DictReader to read CSV files in Python.

Every point has sources and further information for you to read. The author often provides links to download free code and datasets for an opportunity to practice the solutions.

3.  Full Stack Python

Best Python Blogs to Follow

This is another Python blog that provides readers with a compilation of good, interesting articles from various bloggers. You can use it as a comprehensive resource to get your programming projects done smoothly.

The content of the blog is aimed at both beginners and advanced users. There are a lot of valuable real-life examples, for instance, if you are working on some Python-based app. All posts are prepared neatly, and tutorials are detailed with many useful guidelines and links to other reliable sources.

The articles are published with varying frequency, sometimes with months of little activity. Still, there is so much already to read there, so you will not get bored.

4.  Talk Python

Best Python Blogs to Follow

Now for something a bit different. If you are tired of reading a lot of text for hours, you may want to switch to podcasts. This is fresh among Python blogs but popular today in general.

Podcasts are a great solution for when you are in transit or if you just want to lay on a couch instead of navigating on a computer screen yet still learn something valuable.

Michael Kennedy, the host of the Talk Python podcast, talks to many different experts on various Python-related topics. Each episode covers a different topic with an interesting guest. In the description, you find all the resources you need for a deep dive into the subject.

Personally, I really enjoy and recommend podcasts. It is a perfect way to relax and learn at the same time.

5.  PyDanny

Best Python Blogs to Follow

If you have worked for some time with Python or programming in general, you may already know Danny. Daniel Roy Greenfeld is one of the authors of the book Two Scoops of Django, with years of experience in software engineering. He has worked in many organizations including NASA, and he shares his vast knowledge on his private blog.

He focuses on and works with mainly Python and Django. He says on his website he is a huge fan of Python but also likes a lot of other languages, so he talks about other languages as well.

This is a great opportunity to learn from his experience and read stories about his projects. You also find well-prepared tutorials and cookbooks on the blog. Everything he has ever written in the last 18 years is there.

If you are interested in Python but also want to learn about other technologies, this blog is a perfect choice.

6.  Python Software Foundation

Best Python Blogs to Follow

This blog is the heart of Python. Do you want information from the horse’s mouth? The content is provided by the Python creators themselves.

The mission of the Python Foundation is to promote, protect, and develop the Python language. The Foundation also supports the growth of the international Python community.

If you want to be on top of all updates, this blog is the very first place to get information. You find Python tutorials as well as news about the organization. If you want to contribute to Python’s community, the information you need is here. Read about ongoing projects, grants to support Python professionals, and educational plans of the foundation for the future.

7.  Finxter

Best Python Blogs to Follow

This Python blog is worth checking out because of its interesting, easy-to-digest format. It is very beginner friendly. The author focuses on presenting the content in an attractive yet simple manner.

From the first page, you are guided through the most important topics starting with the basics. There are many lessons on how to become a more effective programmer. You also get a lot of tips on how to start working as a developer, what this work means, and how much you may earn.

To have a quick and effective start in coding, Finxter has prepared a way to gain rapid code understanding in a three-step learning loop: solve a code puzzle at your current skill level, read the explanations to improve your skills, and enjoy the endorphins released by your body when solving the puzzle.

The author encourages you to exercise at least 5 minutes a day with this loop using materials from the blog. If you do not have much time but want to keep up with programming, that may be a good time-saving solution.

Read Python Blogs and Learn!

We hope you find something interesting for you in this short list of Python blogs. Each additional piece of knowledge you gain from a different source is another step in your career as a developer, programmer, machine learning engineer, or who knows what other great role you are going to fulfill.

As always, we encourage you to share how you are learning and developing skills. If you follow or subscribe to some worthy blog or podcast, let us know in the comments!