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Want to Learn Python Faster? Learn It With a Friend

Working together can yield amazing effects. If you are in the middle of learning programming and want to boost your results, consider finding a learning partner! Read this article to find out just how a study buddy will help you learn Python!

So you’ve decided to start learning Python programming. It’s an exciting journey! But even so, it’s common for some fatigue and frustration to set in for all learners. Know what will help you stay motivated? Teaming up with a fellow Python learner!

Want to Learn Python Faster? Learn It With a Friend

This article is for all Python learners. Some of you may be in the middle of our Python Basics Course; others may still need to find the motivation to begin their adventure. If you’re hesitant about starting to learn Python, try our free Python Basics: Part 1 course. This set of  95 interactive Python exercises is a great opportunity to see how our platform works and whether it is worth your time. (Spoiler alert: It's great and yes, learning Python pays off!)

Before we explain how a partner can kick your Python education into high gear, let’s start with the most fundamental question of all:

What Is Programming?

In short, it’s telling a computer what to do. You use a combination of words in a particular order to dictate a task and get a result from the computer. It’s a very creative thing, and you are in the driver seat.

Each programming language uses its own certain vocabulary and syntax to communicate with a machine. I dare say that the biggest limitation is your imagination! And if this got your imagination going, read this article to find out how to start learning programming today!

Want to Learn Python Faster? Learn It With a Friend -->

Programming isn't just for the diehard IT specialist. Programming can be a daily part of work in:

  • Art
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting

What’s that? Are you finding excuses to start learning programming? Oh no, no, no.
I can tell you, If I can learn to code, so can you. There are very few valid arguments to stop you from learning to code. Especially not your age – programming is for people of all ages.

Are you sold on learning computer programming but not sure about Python? No problem. Just keep reading.

What Is Python?

Python is a very powerful and versatile programming language with a simple and beginner-friendly syntax. It was created by Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer, in the late 1980s.

Want to Learn Python Faster? Learn It With a Friend

Python is now one of the most popular programming languages, favored by programmers and employers in many different parts of the world.

Coding isn’t as flashy as we see it in the movies. It is very impressive, no arguing about that. But after a few hours of typing commands into your console, you might need some motivation to move forward. One way of getting that programming jolt is to read Jakub’s list of awesome movies that will get you all pumped up for programming!

Why Should You Learn Python?

Well, there are a few reasons. First is that competence in Python can help you get a job.

According to Stack Overflow’s 2021 survey, Python remains one of the most popular programming languages. It’s been in demand for years now. This means knowing Python will make it easier for you to land a programming job. But what about learning it in the first place? Are there any advantages to Python as a first programming language?

Want to Learn Python Faster? Learn It With a Friend

It’s Beginner Friendly

As stated before, Python has an easy-to-learn syntax. Additionally, there are a large number of libraries (prepackaged code blocks that anyone can use) which help people create their code. The libraries also cover a lot of different Python functionalities and usage areas.


Python has an awesome online community. You can find like-minded people on Reddit or other forums. If you encounter a challenge, you can be sure someone will help you solve it. This also makes it easier for you to find a study buddy. But more on that later.

In the meantime, check out this article for more reasons to start learning Python today.

Online Courses

If you think about it, you can learn virtually anything. You just need a bit of time, energy, and motivation. However, it’s good to be sure you invest your efforts in the right learning path.

You can find hundreds if not thousands of online courses helping you to learn Python. Many of them end with a nice certificate of completion. Two very popular formats are video tutorials and online courses.

Video tutorials are cool and may seem engaging. They stimulate your eyes and ears. You can speed up the recording. But I would suggest focusing on online courses. In the long run, learning a skill completely through video tutorials is time-consuming. You need to pause the video, take notes, and come back to the right timestamp when you are practicing. And that’s assuming you have any practice exercises to complete with the video!

Online courses have the following advantages:

  • They include interactive practice. After doing some reading, you can immediately jump into practice. Online courses offer web-based coding platforms that allow you to test out what you’ve learned and make sure the knowledge sticks. If practice is what you are looking for, definitely check out these 7 Online Courses for Python Practice.
  • They're self-paced. When taking an online course, you do everything at your own pace. You can complete a chapter as fast as you can read it; for many people, it’s faster to read something than to listen to a lecture. Plus, if you speed up the recording, you may struggle to understand some of the words and ideas.
  • They focus on real-life scenarios. On, the courses are built by people who live and breathe Python. This means you will be learning from scenarios based on real life business situations. Believe me, having a relatable situation when coding can be a game changer.
  • They offer support. Online courses often offer online support. This means if you encounter a problem and have done everything you can to solve it, you can always rely on someone to guide you further. On, you can always count on our help team to get a tip. They won’t solve it for you, but their guidance will help you learn :)

But what if you are already certain that Python is the way to go? Now all you need is a way to ensure your success. There is an awesome way to keep yourself accountable.

Enter the “study buddy”.

What’s a Study Buddy?

A study buddy is simply a fellow learner that you team up with for support and encouragement. Ideally, they’re at the same level as you; even better, they’re taking the same courses and studying the same materials. The concept of having a study buddy is as old as education itself. Thanks to the Internet, we can find someone to help us in any topic. But is it worth the effort?

Want to Learn Python Faster? Learn It With a Friend

India’s Regional Institute of Management and Technology (RIMT) University did a study on this topic. Turns out, 23% more people who had a study buddy were able to pass a course than those who studied alone; 72% of the group with study buddies passed and only 49% of the solo students passed.

But just what exactly are the benefits of learning as a dynamic duo?


Your study buddy understands your goals. If you feel a bit less motivated, a person who shares a common goal will get you back on track. And if you are a bit competitive, falling behind your study buddy will give you a good jolt. With studying online, it’s easy to track your progress. It’s even easier to see if someone has passed you!

Whatever your means of combating demotivation is, a study buddy will probably help you.

Exchange of Knowledge

When learning Python, you and your study buddy might investigate different sources of knowledge. It might be different websites, blogs, or YouTube videos. Whatever it is, it's a bit unlikely you both will find the same resources. Thus, you will help each other by exchanging what you’ve discovered.

Another good thing here is that if one person struggles with a certain topic, the other can help them overcome it.


When you choose to learn something as an adult, it’s sometimes difficult to stick to your commitment. In school or college, you are going to be examined after a certain period – plenty of motivation there! But learning in a self-paced online course is a different story. Staying accountable only to yourself can be a huge challenge.

When you have someone to share an achievement with, you may end up pushing yourself towards the finish line. And you may go into a mutual commitment with your study partner and choose a deadline. You wouldn't want to let your study buddy down, would you?

It’s a Fun and Effective Way to Learn

Lastly, learning something with another person can just be fun. People work in teams when going to the gym, shopping, traveling, etc. We are social creatures. Starting to do something with a study buddy can be enjoyable. You will feel like someone has your back. It's a lot more pleasant than a single player campaign!

Find a Study Buddy and Learn Python for Free!

It doesn’t matter if you are taking your first steps in learning Python or if you are polishing up existing skills. A study buddy can be the key to your success.

Working together to achieve a shared goal will help you stay motivated, learn more and faster. And if you want to give this whole Python study buddy thing a go, we have just the opportunity!

Right now, allows you to enroll in our Python Basics: Part 1 course for free! Waste no time. Find a fellow Python learner and finish this course together. You will help your career and have a great time doing it!