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Join Our Python Affiliate Program!

Are you a content creator, blogger, or YouTuber with a loyal following? Do you find value in our interactive Python courses? Would you like to assist in promoting them – and earn some money as you do? If so, we have an opportunity for you: our Python Affiliate Program.

At, we are passionate about coding and we take pride in our Python courses. Our users have given us tons of positive feedback and reviews, which motivates us to continue providing quality content.

If you are new to our platform or just starting to learn Python, we recommend beginning with our Python Basics track. These interactive Python courses are an excellent way to take the first step toward becoming a programmer.

We have been receiving questions from people who are interested in promoting our Python courses to their friends, family, and coworkers. In addition, we’ve gotten requests from content creators (bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers, and others) about joining our affiliate program. We are happy to announce our new Python Affiliate Program, which will meet those requests.

What Is the Python Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs emerged in the 1990s and have grown alongside the Internet. Companies recognized that people are interested in sharing information about products and services; as a result, savvy companies offer a percentage of the revenue from such referrals to those who shared this information. The concept is straightforward and mutually beneficial.

python affiliate program

At, our focus is on user development and satisfaction. So before we launched our Python Affiliate Program, we had to make sure that our online Python courses were of the highest quality and that the platform gave users the best possible learning experience.

By promoting our platform to their audience, our affiliates can be assured that they are recommending the best product on the market. Many of our current affiliate program members learned Python from our courses; others have become familiar with them through hands-on experience.

Affiliate Program Rules

In creating our program, we wanted it (and its conditions) to be as simple as possible. Here they are:

Joining the program is free and very easy. Just fill out a short application form. Verification usually takes up to 24 hours. During this time, we look at your content.

python affiliate program

When you become our affiliate, you receive access to your personal dashboard. There, you can manage your affiliate account, get an affiliate link, and monitor its performance. This is where you have full control over your earnings and payouts.

Creating an affiliate link involves generating a unique URL that allows individuals to earn commissions by promoting products or services and directing potential customers to specific websites or platforms.

Remember to provide the correct PayPal account information so we can transfer your money.

After you complete your account setup, how many places you post the affiliate link and how you promote it is all up to you. The more people click on your link and buy one of our Python courses, the more you earn. The commission is 30% of each confirmed sale.

Let me give you an example. Suppose a user who came to from your link purchases our All Forever Plan. Currently, its price is $299. You as an affiliate get $89.70 for this (a 30% commission). It works the same way whether your user buys a single Python course or any of our Python tracks.

Now, think about how large the audience is for your YouTube channel or how many readers your blog or social media channel has. It can really pay to become a member of the Python Affiliate Program!

Furthermore, your user’s purchase doesn't need to be made immediately. Our affiliate program offers a 45-day attribution window, which means you will receive credit for all sales made within 45 days of the user's first visit. This is a great incentive to participate in our program.

Earn Money Promoting Our Python Courses!

Now you know why you should become our partner and start promoting our Python courses. It just pays off!

python affiliate program

If you have any questions about our affiliate program, don't hesitate to write an email to Perhaps you have an idea for a different kind of collaboration? We are happy to talk.

Let's repeat what you have to do now:

  1. Create a free account here.
  2. Copy your referral link.
  3. Start promoting our courses to your audience.
  4. Start being awesome and earning real money from the Python Affiliation Program!